Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Much has transpired in my spiritual and physical life in recent months.  His Real Presence has wrought much deeper, inner conversions.  There are many changes--too many to write and not necessary to share.  This has gone beyond what is even helpful to others to share, or so it seems.  Whenever I figure out how to place these posts on a privatized mode, I shall do so.  For previous readers, I pray for you and wish for you union with God while yet on this earth.  This is what I continue to seek, to pray for, to desire for myself, as well.  The road becomes quite narrow, and it takes twists and turns so totally unexpected, that there comes a time when even the soul on the path marvels at the unexpected aspects, and the mystery of God in His providence and wisdom.  In recent weeks and months, my life has become far more healthy as a result of facing realities and truths, and of turning more to His Real Presence in abject honesty and dependence, and being plucked out of other distractions that dissipate the growth and freedom in facing oneself that the Holy Spirit so ably effects, or can, when we let go of the inculcation of human-created customs and notions.  Love God.

God bless His Real Presence in you!

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