Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Truncation: Extreme Spring Pruning

Am experiencing a necessary truncation. It is time.  The rose-colored glasses are to my detriment and must be removed.  Extreme pruning occurs; nothing must grow in this situation, trusting Jesus.  Time to go forth and allow another to go forth.  

The Da has come to a death for nothing, and nothing has been truncated.

It is physically painful in some ways more than emotionally.  Have needed to rest in bed all afternoon and heading back for the night.  Yesterday exhausted.  Today, with sun and clouds vying for attention, snow flurries swept by wind reminded nothing of parents' wedding anniversary 70 years ago on this date. 

We do pass, we humans, and our commemorations.  But we continue to grow, our souls needing pruning, and on occasion a truncation.  

Finishing a book begun 18 years ago or so, before my conversion to Catholicism:  Underhill's classic on mysticism, of that title.  Picked up where the marker was placed--a note from one of my children, when a child.  The pick-up point in the book is chapter on ecstasy and rapture, then on to dark night of soul, then unitive way, and now conclusion.  Notice in the bibliography that within the last six years have collected many of the books Underhill utilized in her epic study on mystics and mysticism.

Am to meet Thursday with spiritual director.  The Lord knows it will be fine if he has to cancel.  Am very tired and still praying, sorting through the twigs and branches of many yesterdays, the Da's death to nothing and nothing's truncation, and of continuing prayer: Lord, please take me through the mystic portal.


  1. I just received a word of knowledge, the word was truncate. I really didn't now the meaning of the word. So I went online to check the dictionary meaning, but that didn't help me understanding why I was given this word. So I did a search using the word Truncate and Jesus, and landed on this site.Your use of the term truncate, in relation to pruning of my soul, helped me greatly.
    Thank You,
    Soul trying
    to grow closer

  2. Dear Lil, your comment has uplifted me greatly and encouraged today. If you had not taken the time to share, your loving comment would not be used by God to keep me pondering and trying to write about my own soul trying to grow closer to God. Thank you, and prayers of gratitude.


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