Saturday, April 2, 2011

It Is Lent

I'm encountering people every which way who are having extra crosses during Lent.  Maybe they have them all the time, but it seems accentuated during Lent: cancer, heart problems, car accidents, teen deaths, fussy people, contentions, wars and other disagreements among people.

Wept through noon Mass as much as a body can weep when all faculties to move are suspended.  So the tears started to flow out of the eyes, more the right eye because the head tends to fall to that side.

Had a rough night and morning...all minor compared to the major crosses people have.  My life is quite blessed with so much, yet am also blessed with whatever little trials come in order to see myself as I am: a sinner, a weak person, pathetic.

The birds are returning from their wintering in warmer climes.  Trying to keep the seeder filled.  Recall a Christmas homily of St. Francis who said on Christmas Day to make sure the birds and animals are given a feast!  

It is Christmas every day around here, and I must not forget that fact of body, soul, heart and spirit.  Feed the birds, feed the trees, feed the poor people, body and soul.

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