Thursday, September 23, 2010

Awake in the Present Moment

Am up in the wee hours, nursing the bodily pain. And would write more about some present moment encounters and of finding Christ in them, or at least seeking Christ in them, which is akin to finding Him, for He is in every present moment.

God created and creates our moments, both while we breathe on earth and when we breathe a different kind of breathing in eternity.

However, am here to write that the adjunct blog site has the preface on it, in four sections. Mentioned to someone my writing is tedious, which it is, and the person said yes, it is tedious. Another said it is tedious but might not be for people who are interested in my life and the gardens.

Regardless, I have tried to do some editing of what I'd already written about the structure of the Order of the Present Moment, and that is why it took me a couple days to post the preface, in four parts.

And why I have not written anything more on this blog regarding examples of the present moments, of living out the OPM in a way of trying to find and climb the stairway to heaven.  There have been some good points from what I've read in these days, plus some conversation and thoughts, especially of the effort in trying remedies to various ploys of the demon of dejection. Maybe I will write some of it.

For now, am posting the site for the blog, Stairway to Heaven:

Again, all these blogs may be taken down in about three weeks if my spiritual director does not want me to post any of my thoughts in any published manner.  But for now, I'm testing how it is, and if anyone is interested in such topics. Plus, will pray about and attempt to not write so personally, but that has always been a kind of downfall, perhaps, for others reading. Yet it is rather therapeutic for the one writing, and if the topics not of interest to others, nor helpful in their lives, then perhaps the good is for the expression within my own life, for my soul's progression.

A friend commented that the writing is more like a diary entry and devotional, not something that would be published in Catholic periodicals, and I tend to agree. Also, the titles and topic are not the draw that such topics as hermit life or victim souls. People tend to have more curiosity about those. But I come to understand even in these thoughts, that I am not necessarily writing for what people may think they want to read. My life now, where it has evolved and stands in the present moment, is to write from me to Christ, and to kind of log the implementation attempt of living in the Order of the Present Moment.

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