Saturday, September 18, 2010

Christ in the Present Moment: Map for This Blog

I asked a priest from Africa a couple years ago, what is the book that has influenced him most (besides the Bible)? He answered, A Map of Life, by F.J. Sheed (Sheed & Ward, c. 1938). The gardens here began with a vague plan, a vision of all for God with many medieval Mary garden specimens, but at least knowing to tier levels down to the edge of Lake Immaculata rather than to have a steep slope. The rest has evolved, Christ in the present moment style.

So today in frustration not quite knowing how to proceed with this blog, since there is a concurrent project titled The Stairway to Heaven (at least that for now) in which the Order of the Present Moment is being...mapped out! An invitation to the Order of the Present Moment is offered in the first blog, Try Your Best to Enter. A present moment type blog follows without any particular plan under the title Our Lady of Authenticity. But what next?

I prayed and asked Jesus that very question. The answer came while reading some excerpts of St. John Cassian's writing on The Vices, compiled in The Philokalia. The plan for this blog is to write examples of Christ in the present moments of life, as an example of how to implement, how to live daily, with Christ, in the Order of the Present Moment. Yes. Then wondering how to proceed once I completed writing the structure of the Order of the Present Moment--how would I chronicle the implementation, and would others want to try the experimental spiritual order?

The plan for this blog, Christ in the Present Moment, will begin today with sharing some of what St. John Cassian writes on the demons of dejection and listlessness, plus perhaps some other present moment experiences. I'll begin a separate blog that will contain the "map" of the structure of the Order of the Present Moment. I will explain such matters as mentioned in the first entry to this blog, "Try Your Best to Enter."

I'll let readers know the name of the separate blog, once initial entries are posted. That blog will be more finite in nature, for once the structure is mapped out, fine-tuned from time to time, the remaining effort will be in the implementation phase, of living it--living with and in Christ in the Order of the Present Moment. Readers may desire to be part of the implementation phase. Anyone is welcome, and questions and comments are welcome, but the latter may be edited if inappropriate, of course.

While I have quite a bit of the structure written, I need more time to go over it as well as to continue the process, but soon I will be placing the preface and introduction on the adjunct blog site. For now, the plan is to write this blog from the present moment examples in my life, which will hopefully be helpful, spiritual in nature, include classic readings, and very much rely upon Christ in every present moment.

Between the onset of writing this piece, the clouds
in the above photo materialized into a bit of rain.
A phone call, also, from someone checking on me,
to which I expressed how Christ has answered a
huge prayer today, in writing direction. The call
also gave opportunity to hear a most important
prayer concern of a young couple who belong to
a type of fundamentalist denomination that does not believe in going to doctors or children being immunized. I pray for three children, ages 3 to infant, very much at risk to illnesses, and parents.

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