Thursday, September 16, 2010

Try Your Best to Enter

Sunset sparkles on Lake Immaculata. Peering out, the dazzle throbs aching head, but must begin, try my best to enter by this narrow door, write what is difficult to express: of Christ, of loving Christ in the present moment and all moments. Waves of negativity disturb the desire to develop, share, proffer the invitation. What does Christ have waiting for us, beyond that narrow door?

It is fourteen years since March morning when I asked Jesus during Mass. Remains a lucid, present moment. I sat amidst Order religious. Feeling alone, asked within, "What is my Order, Lord?" Immediate response--the way He speaks in thought flashes, easily lost if mind adrift in distractions: "You are in the Order of the Present Moment". For emphasis, saw written: ORDER OF THE PRESENT MOMENT--suspended in space, Priest consecrating at altar beyond words.

Another question, so human: "What is to be my habit?" He smiled through tone of clever response: "You are to wear what you wear now, in this moment!" (Never will forget my garb that day.) Hours later, preparing supper, asked a third: "Who is the patron of this Order?" He answered but is topic for another time.

What is important now to consider is the tremendous desire for Christ that dwells in every soul, even souls who are not aware of their desire. But it is in us, and when that desire is found there is nothing that will stop us from intense desire causing us to seek Christ with whole heart, mind, strength and soul. His love sparks the desire. When we realize His love, the spark becomes fire, the consuming fire.

(You say you do not have that kind of fire? Ask Jesus now to show you the spark. The Holy Spirit will fan the flames of desire. The fire will blaze, but do not reach for the extinguisher of temporal distractions. Yet all this is another topic of discussion.)

Who can enter by the narrow door? Jesus wants all, yet He explains “many will try but will not succeed.” Why? More to discuss later. We want to be those who seek and find. We may find the stairway to heaven, perhaps a stream of living water, a holy mountain. Through holy, mysterious encounter we will find Christ, and in Him find all necessary for success in the spiritual life--acquiring virtues, countering vices, living the Gospels, praying without ceasing.

We will learn to love and be consumed by the Love that surpasses human understanding. We will live a rule of life and be formed by the standard of the Nine S'. We meet our Superior General, Mother Superior, and novice masters. Yes, we will encounter saints and mystics beyond the narrow door, yet come back through as they did, to love and encourage others to try their best.

A friend asks, “May I join this Order of the Present Moment? I will do whatever we are to do. I so want to be more interior, to pray deeply, to draw close to Christ." I respond, “Anyone can belong. Did not Jesus say, Let the little children come unto Me?” There is no approval process. This is not a traditional religious Order. It is a spiritual Order--an Order for one person or one among many, for any soul of any person, any age; married, single; even priests and religious in traditional orders. Active, contemplative, worker, shut-in, student, retiree, homemaker, handicapped--you don't need to be Catholic, but if not, expect to desire not only Christ...but also His Holy Catholic Church.

Much to share and more to evolve in the Order of the Present Moment. Not visible, no initials after our names, not much to do with appearance. What we desire, seek, and find is Christ in every Present Moment: union with Christ. What will change and be noticed is our essence, for it is His ESSENCE and LOVE that draws souls. No longer I who live, but Christ Who lives--loving, living, Christ in the Present Moment.

Twilight now. A full moon hovers. Trinity of dove clouds suspend between moon and trees, reflected in a stilled Lake Immaculata. The net is cast. See the narrow door, beyond the surface of our temporal lives, the spark fluttering into flame? Jesus says, “Try your best.” Is not so difficult—our best. Ponder; stretch the mind, heart, and soul with full strength.  Add determination, acts of the will. Christ will woo and win us, by His grace, to Love.

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