Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Life or Death Crisis, but Remaining in His Love

Hope to be able to write tomorrow. Today got phone call and told of crisis situation with a family member so went immediately to hospital.  Home now, but will say that just a few days ago had mentioned to guests that I couldn't think of anything that would up-end or rattle remaining in His love.  And this was certainly a test...and a testament to the actuality of remaining in His love and the power and strength of His love: REMAINING.  His love is steadfast, and there is joy even in crises and tears, and healing now for the loved one survived although has quite a journey ahead.  But a good one, for she had wanted to learn more about remaining in His love before calamity struck.

Was able to mention to a couple family members, and just brief explaining of praying, remaining in His love, gave them strength, hope, and now desire to remain in His love.

Again, we are finding this is not a perspective, not a way of thinking.  It is an actuality, a living, eternal gift given by Christ, available for us in every present moment!  There is only goodness and mercy all the days of our lives...eternally...remaining in His love.


  1. Compassion and deep Joy ...

    You and your family are blessed !

  2. God bless you and yours, Seraphim! Fire in your holy love of union in the Holy Trinity!


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