Sunday, November 7, 2010

Remain in His Love Epidemic

Am receiving phone calls, visits, and e-mails from embodied souls who grasp to desire, ask and simply remain in Christ's love.

This is powerful.

Two college students with struggles, older people, anyone.  Non-practicing Catholics, Protestants, anyone may receive the healing that is within His love when we remain in His love.  With a wordless prayer, the healing love touches their souls and those of many in vast numbers.

Am praying now, in His love, for a young woman who is going to evening Mass, and is excited to ask Jesus to shower Him with His infinite love for her, as she wants to remain in His love forever.  

Have been reading today, and fielding calls and questions, yapping explanations to people about remaining in Christ's love.  Some are passing this good news on to others, once they pray and practice and receive immediate results.  Of course!  Why not?  Jesus tells us He wants us to: Remain in My love.

Need to get some garden work done and trash out.  Experiencing a first head cold, while remaining in His love!  Fascinating.

Still working on finding pertinent Scriptures, plus will be writing out the promises Jesus makes, the benefits, the graces, the supernatural consequences of our remaining in His love.  His love transforms souls, and souls are the Body of Christ of which He is the Head.

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