Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Joy!

So much to write.  Joyful Christmas.  Body worn out still, but minor detail.  Not sure if the Lord is pleased with the pace prior to Christmas, the last week or so of Advent Waiting.  Many challenges in the Order of the Present Moment, but staying true to what the spiritual director said prior to his leaving for ten days:  Keep this JOY!

The outer is even less what anyone would consider spiritual.  Am all the more blended in, and no one would suspect the undercover work in special ops for the spiritual life, for Christ!  However, may have become too this or that, and the Holy Spirit of Truth will surely let me know if over much, or if all this living in Christ in the present moment was truly my living in Christ in the present moments or if I took liberties and was living in the world instead.

Morning Mass, then post office, then drop a donation off, then pick up the Fontanini order for Christmases to come (gifts, hopefully wise use of funds, and hopefully won't have to do the shopping next year or after.)  Then a return for something I shopped for my relative's spouse.  Relative continuing in miracle mode and will be going home on Thursday!  Thanks for prayers!  Thanks be to God!  Then package to UPS, and then back to the little place here, and return to spiritual writing!

Am doing an Order of the Present Moment novena for Rev. Msgr., and am not sure he's all that thrilled with present moment stuff, but it's marvelous from the gifter's perspective.  

Today offered up a broken middle toe on behalf of  Rev. Msgr.'s calm and controlled demeanor.  Verbalized aloud here, several times upon stepping on foot with one toe bent under:  "I remain in Your love, Jesus! I remain in YOUR LOVE!"  It did hurt a bit, but due to constant overall chronic pain, have pain meds, so am blessed to have nothing separate me long from distraction by the toe.  Incidentally the inner toes are just left to heal on their own. I've broken a couple before.  But this time the pain meds have come in extra handy.

Christmas morning Mass, relished the depth of soul during Mass, and saw in the soul's view the painting that Seraphim had sent, which reminded him of Christ's request:  Remain in My love.  So from viewing the painting (posted a couple posts back) in the inner recesses of the soul, to thanking God for Christ the Newborn King, to praying for the gift of Seraphim's sending the painting, Christmas morning Mass set the day ahead.

God bless everyone!  We are one Body in the Holy Family of Christ!

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