Sunday, February 20, 2011

More About Mystics and Love

Just finished reading Journet's The Dark Knowledge of God.  The author builds from the base of Thomistic theology and then into the mists.  He uses the metaphor that the ocean is knowledge of God and of faith, whereas the mists rising from the ocean are mystical theology and the experiential love of God.

I could write quite a bit and quote from this excellent kinda scarce book, but it is more of the same of the natural division from temporal to mystical, and rise of our souls from the known to the unknown.  Journet quotes Denys the Carthusian and prior, Dionysus, St. Thomas Aquinas, as well as St. Angela de Foligno, plus the outstanding Pere Garrigou-Lagrange.

The book is outstanding for its diminutive size and not much more than 100 pages.  Tiny print!  Packed with sure-fire information.  The Da and I discussed the whole thing about the Mystical Body of Christ once again, as well as LOVE.

As I was not comfortable with a descriptive term I used previously, I removed it.  Although I'd been directed to stand my ground, and there was really nothing untruthful, it was not right.  Right is always right.  Over nearly four years' time, I've probably done more praying for some souls than I ever thought possible.  Yet, it seems that standing my ground did at least clear the cyberair, or maybe it is the spam mode that handled the difficulty.  Regardless, I am done standing my ground when the ground is not worth standing upon.  Better just keep my soul in flight, and to love, not slip.

Am very busy these days with living in Christ in the Present Moment, and that has included discovering how impure am I and how pure is He.  It will always be that way until the beatific vision.  Then, although I cannot fathom how, my soul will be out of this body, and somehow my mind and heart and spirit will be His.  This no doubt will occur eons after my earthly death, although yes, I am on the stairway now, once again, all absolved, the soul made whiter than snow (for an instant).

The devil does try to make me lose my balance on the stairway, and has been quite clever in doing so, and of course my own lack of experience in being on the stairway to heaven does not help.  Easy to slip, all the more, when on a stairway than when on the ground floor.  So I must hang on to the banister and keep both feet on the same step, and let thoughts of earthly matters not trip me, out of my own past thoughts and own past negativities.

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