Monday, February 14, 2011

Save Me in Your Love

Psalm in Office of Readings for this morning snared my heart.  The psalmist sang Save me in your love. I sing this to the Lord especially today.  Much love to everyone.  May we all be saved by God, for He has saved us, and it is all the more potent prodigious if we but realize that He has made us His own.

Also the Readings included much on wisdom.  The Da the other day had discussed Sunday's second reading from I Corinthians. Why do we not hear much about the hidden wisdom, the mysteries?  He said people would not know what to think if it was preached.  But, they would surely be more intrigued, I countered.  Many people would like to know of the mysteries, and how will they find out if not told?  So we must do our reading and praying, and comprehend the Sacraments and Scriptures, ponder and beg for graces to grow. We must live fully in Christ, remain in His love, fully in each present moment.

Our homily emphasized the Gospel reading.  That is always outstanding, as well.  But the topic of the mystical Body of Christ or the hidden wisdom is usually not touched.  Why?  The Da felt that it is because most people are not ready for it, are not able to comprehend, or do not want to know.  He said they are not mature, for St. Paul says it is for the mature.

How will we become mature so that we can be told the hidden wisdom, be given this grace?  Those who love, who love to learn to love, will desire more and more, and those who desire will be given much, and those who love much will be given even more opportunities to love.

And they will also suffer much.  Pope Pius XII taught this in Mystici Corporis Christi.  Jesus saves us in His love by the love of the Cross.  It is through suffering that love reaches its zenith.

Today a little baby girl is born to one of the members of the Order of the Present Moment.  Olivia Marie enters this world, a Valentine Baby, and her mother and father love her with Christ's saving love.

Congratulations to all who love and who comprehend that we are saved in God's love!

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