Monday, February 28, 2011

The Stairway Writing Finished

At least for now, what is written or can be written regarding the Stairway to Heaven is complete.  What remains to be expressed cannot be easily, and it would be but one of many individual expressions of the experience.  No two souls on the stairway would experience the outflow in the same way.  The suffering involved is individually suited.

In one example, joy in the mystical state is entirely different than joy in the temporal state.  Perceptions are altered once one is on the stairway, and yet there is much acceptance and adaptation yet necessary.

As for living in Christ in the Present Moment, the experience continues whether or not a stairway existence.  But there are differences in perception, all the same.  As love has been analyzed in various ways, given famously four types, mystical love is different from temporal love, in the sheer essence and perceptions of the different states of being.

 Today am needing to focus on some work, and this to be done from a sorting process within the soul, filtering through the mind, emotions and body.  Is there comprehension that prayer takes on different essences and perceptions?

For it does.

Now, to work in this present moment, in Christ, without feeling or thinking or even perceiving, other than to know: in Christ.  He knows.


  1. Aus ganzem Herzen danke ich Dir nothing für Deine gute, inspirierte Arbeit... Für mich war es oft ein Resumé und eine Bestätigung der Wegzeichen auf meinem inneren Weg. Ich kann nur bestätigen: alles was Du schreibst kommt aus einer authentischen mystischen Lebensweise. Ich hoffe und bin sicher, daß Deine Worte vielen Trost, Zuversicht, und Orientierung schenken.

    Eine technische Notiz: keines der Bilder von mir die Du postest sind im Blog sichtbar :-)

    Ich freue mich auf Fotos Deines Frühlingsgartens und auf neue Zeilen von Dir ...

    Wir bleiben in seiner Nachfolge ... in seiner Gegenwart ... in seiner Liebe

    Dein Weggefährte

  2. Translation to English: I wholeheartedly thank you nothing for your good work inspired ... For me, it was often a resume and a confirmation of traffic signs on my inner journey. I can confirm only: everything you write comes from an authentic mystical life. I hope and am sure that your words give much comfort, confidence, and orientation.

    A technical note: none of the pictures of me that you are posting on the blog visible :-)

    I look forward to photos of your spring garden and new lines from you ...

    We stay in his footsteps ... in his presence ... in his love

    Your companion

  3. Seraphim, thank you for understanding! It has been another rather difficult transition time, and not so easy for others to comprehend, although my spiritual director is trying and gentle in the attempt to gather in what is probably too much and perhaps unnecessary to explain.

    I do not know why the photos do not show up on the blogs, for I can see them. I am cutting and pasting from the email you send. But I tried putting the hermit roasting chicken on another project, and my daughter said she cannot see it, although I can on that one, also. Internet is more a mystery to me than the mystical realm, by far.

    It is helpful to know another is out there, comprehending and sharing what is painful also in the relationships. I make it difficult for myself the more I try to cling to that which God is trying to unclasp my fingers.

    I hope to continue writing on Christ in the Present Moment, but it seems there is not much more to write on this one. A mountain climber has not much more to express once the summit is reached, even if it is barely grasped by the climber himself.


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