Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thoughts on The Mystic Portal

I am living the temporal humanity of Christ.
I bear His temporal pain and breathe His soul's suffering.
Yet only when the human is subsumed in His mystical Divinity
is there one Joy, one Love, the one Reality: God-Man.

Only then do the two worlds, temporal and mystical, 

become one reality, the Divine Reality.
The temporal is a shadow of the full humanity of Christ   

if without union in the mystical reality of His Divinity.

The temporal Catholic world is a holding cell 

for passage through the mystic portal, 
to become the full humanity of Christ in His Divinity
to be fully one in the One in the one true reality.

(I hope I am stating it meaningfully, accurately; 

words are incompetent secretaries to insights.)

It is something like this, and I must get through 

the mystic portal with His physical and soul suffering,
in order to be in the true reality: one reality of oneness in God.

Do you see that the Sacraments, all of them, 

but most frequently Eucharist in Mass 
and Reconciliation in Confession,  
are portal passage points 
for the temporal to enter into the mystical, 
and that without the One in reality of the mystical,
in these sacraments, there would be false reality? 

Jesus in His full humanity 

is the Divine ever-flowing into within the temporal.  
He is not the temporal occasionally touching the mystical.

When we pain-bearing soul-suffering humans pass 
through the mystic portal to be subsumed in His Divinity, 
we awash the temporal in and by His living waters.  
We then may fully live His humanity mystically Divine 
as we are become one with the One Reality.


  1. Greetings in Jesus to you, nothing, your remark about words being poor secretaries to insights made me nearly laugh out loud. Ah! How well said :) !

    The term portal catches my attention here. Some time ago while driving and praying, it occurred to me that words themselves are portals - in ordinary communications even but - particularly in prayer, reflection, meditation, contemplation, etc. They can take on dimension or substance in the form of truth and love and life even. Then, I looked at words as portals of sorts, transports of sorts to the Word, and a way through which one can pass to truth and to communion. This isn't quite well said, or quite on topic for that matter, but all of which is to say that I found your discussion of mystic portal so interesting. God bless you, nothing, KathY

  2. God's blessings, KathY! What you write is quite apropro and so true about words! Portals to the WORD for our souls! You bring up a richly deep thought and state it beautifully, as usual. Thank you! Was thinking of you so much yesterday and the day before. So good to hear from you.


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