Monday, October 11, 2010

God Is Not in a Rush

Have not written about slowness, and won't yet. Too tired. Company. Running soaker hoses all day in the gardens. The heat and drought continue. Rain forecast for tomorrow now off the radar.  This has happened most of the time rain has been forecast this summer and fall.

Someone suggested keeping what is written very short, concise, scaled down.  Comment followed a discussion of the trends of our culture, and the zeal for activity and activism. Came up as a result of commenting upon traits the Church and society seem to desire as indicators of holiness in our current time.  Activity and a kind of fame, of being well-known and bringing note to the Church through multi-media, including writing. Bringing converts in and engendering money, also is a plus. 

Are these indicators of God, based on virtues and the spiritual ideals?  Perhaps depends upon each individual case, considered by Rome.  But there is another kind of sanctity, and that is only considered by God, by only His indicators and desires.  Hasn't changed much since the Psalmist wrote about who will climb the holy mountain. That and yes, the virtues.  Plus many of the indicators of the early centuries.

Does the Holy Spirit utilize our culture and society and kind of change as it changes?  Or does the Holy Spirit have a spiritual, supernal reality that never changes and exists beyond the world as we know it? Well, we do know the answer. God does not change.

And God is not in a rush. Holiness is not a rush job.  Lectio divina, spiritual reading, is not something to be rushed. Writing of spiritual matters is not meritorious due to brevity.  Study takes time. Getting to know God takes time. Just because society is in a rush does not mean that holiness can be attained via text message, or somehow faster by dressing like St. Francis. 

Union with Christ is a precious process, and just because people marry in a rush, or rush to co-habitate, does not mean that mystical marriage is an irresponsible quickie.  The time hallowed truth and wisdom of God requires full attention and effort, graces, virtues--especially love, all in God's time, not ours.  And in God's time a day is as a thousand years.

There is a reason why after the S' of silence and solitude, in the Order of the Present Moment, comes slowness. Will we come to comprehend this truth?  We can hope. Hope in God, both now and forever!

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