Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to Join and Another New OPM Member

Received another e-mail of someone wanting to join the Order of the Present Moment.  Was a lovely, heart-felt message which actually helped propel me back to the focus of writing about Christ in the Present Moment as well as seeking, finding and climbing the Stairway to Heaven as an adherent in the Order of the Present Moment.

Do not yet have new member's permission to write a bit about this one's desires and life situation, but can bring up the person's uncertainty in exactly what to do or how to join. This happens to coincide with the point of some of the recent distractions in my own life, keeping me 'twixt discouragement and purpose.  The former is the devil's intent; the latter is what we can do with discouragement to bring it to beneficial purpose. 

But first, I do recognize there is more to be written about what to do to join the Order of the Present Moment, for I have not explained well that this is not really a group per se, but more a means of spiritual assent, ascent, of a spiritual order.  Reviewing some definitions of order will help our purpose.  We will assume knowledge of and understanding of spirit and spiritual, as well as Holy Spirit.

orderany established succession or harmonious relation; a state in which everything is in it correct or appropriate place; the overall state or condition of something; a condition of prescribed arrangement among component parts, such that proper functioning or appearance is achieved; a state of sound readiness; a class that is defined by the common attribute or attributes possessed by all its members.

There are many varying definitions of order by function and use of the word. Notice that the traditional religious definition of order is not included.  Why? Because the Order of the Present Moment is not a traditional religious order.  Rather, it is a spiritual order that  includes succession of the soul and spirit, a harmonious relation of the soul with Christ, as well as harmony among souls and Christ.  The overall state or condition of the soul through, with and in Christ is paramount. 

The prescribed arrangement among component parts, such that proper functioning or appearance of the soul is achieved with Christ through the Holy Spirit. The soul, through, with and in Christ is to be brought to a state of sound readiness in every present moment.  This spiritual order is a class that is defined by the common attributes (body, mind, heart, spirit, soul, moral and theological virtues, Sacraments, espoused fidelity to and with the Body of Christ and His Church, and in the Holy Trinity etc.) possessed by all its members.

What to do to join the Order of the Present Moment?  Make sure we comprehend that this is not a group, not a traditional order of the religious life; this is a spiritual order functioning inordinately  [unusually; not set in arranged, typical order] of the soul's desire, assent, and ascent to union with Christ, Son of the Father, in the loving, relational indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Pray for the desire for union with Christ.  Pray for the will to live all for God.  Pray for discernment and humility needed for seeking, finding and living in Christ in each present moment, desiring to find and climb the stairway to heaven.  Discuss this desire with the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity, with Mary, your angel, with a priest.  Make a simple assent to Jesus, request the intercessions of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Mother Superior of the OPM).  Begin with the inspirations of the Holy Spirit in whatever present moment of which you become aware to begin.  This is simply a spiritual hike, serious but fun, eternally worthwhile. Take it.

Note: Last time I met with my spiritual director, he said, "Well you are already ON the stairway to heaven, aren't you?"  This was after I described what my angel had said and shown of it.  "No," I immediately, resolutely responded.  "I am not yet on it and am not sure I will even know if and when I am on it, but I was shown it after being told that I would be taken to it, and I know I am to climb it.  I pray so and want to live my life in the attempted ascent, by the grace of God."

Readers, be assured that the soul writing this has feet stumbling behind others spiritual feet. Yet we are not to look down at our feet but up ahead and beyond to Christ on His Cross, or at least to His feet trudging under the weight of it.  However, I sense and trust that I am to write about these matters, to describe the spiritual Order of the Present Moment, as well as document (often awkwardly) the attempt to live in Christ in the present moment, and to find and climb the Stairway to Heaven.  

I admit faltering to distractions and failures, but am learning to turn distractions and failures into lessons learned, into successes, to the glory of God.  Although the devil trips me beyond what I should have learned to prevent, my pitfalls may be impetus to encourage others to peak perseverance. 

We proceed. We move forth in harmonious relation: the Order of the Present Moment--not a group or subgroup, but an order of one or of one among many in the Body of Christ, in Christ, Head of His Church.

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