Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Practicing in Christ in the Present Moment

Is there more that needs to be written?  Or has it all been said, and now anyone who reads this blog from beginning to end, and the companion blog from beginning to end, should have ample base from which to experience deep conversions, living in Christ in each present moment.

Some say they have always known about such matters, have always remained in Christ's love.  Others say they grasp this or that aspect.  Being a princess or prince of Christ the King is certainly an enchanting notion. Yet if not considered in the reality of remaining in His love, to recognize and rid out the many possessions that possess us, one is but a princess or prince for a moment, hour or day.  Then all the issues that possess or to which we are attached find us in the doldrums of various vices that are far from heavenly.

No, one must be on the stairway to heaven, and be sure-footed yet ever humbly aware that many people trip, stumble or fall on stairways.  Holding onto the handrail helps but does not guarantee not taking a tumble.  And if there is a slip or stumble, admit it.  Pray, correct the misstep, and praise the Most Holy Trinity.  Thank the Virgin Mary and her most chaste spouse St. Joseph, and the trusted guardian angel who help upright us to continue the climb.

Then there comes a time, it seems, when one is sent back into the world, to descend the stairway.  Seek souls. Seek them out and invite them by one's way of life, a life of remaining in His love, to seek, find and climb the stairway to heaven. Then return to ascend the stairway, or keep one foot on it all along.  If others follow, praise God. If not, pray and continue the ascending and descending while remaining in Christ's love.

There have been some questions by readers as to how to tell others about remaining in His love, for example.  All that can be said is when I have tried to discuss the "pearl of great price" and the stairway to heaven, remaining in His love, and other aspects, people have not wanted what I had to offer.  So it seemed best to live it, document it, and lately, mostly to live it and learn while living.

And that brings us to this point.  It seems that the living is on-going, and the learning is on-going.  Is there more to write?  Probably not, at least not for now.  There is the finale blog, perhaps, on the companion blog site, The Stairway to Heaven (  And that is to write about the stairway itself and if one is on it, and then what one must do when on it.

Yes, to learn to ascend and descend, to be sent back out into the world to gather in souls, yet not noticeably, not with words as much with prayer and living Christ in each present moment, in loving Christ, as Christ loves, loving God and loving others.  But all the while being firm on the stairway, hands on the banister, energized and upheld by the Holy Eucharist and all the Sacraments.

Personally, the Holy Spirit of Truth continues to spotlight those possessions that possess me, and I am trying to honestly address them and rid them out.  Yet I may be fooling myself in some areas, and in humility I know that if so, the Holy Spirit will spotlight them again and again until I see the truth for myself, in myself.

There is an idea, a kind of little venture that has come up in the thoughts, and am developing this idea, which will include writing but writing that may reach those out there, not aware of the stairway and not even thinking they are wanting to know about the stairway to heaven.  I am taking time to pray and ponder, to develop, to do sample projects connected with this idea, this venture.

If am to write something more here, in faith am sure the Lord will let me know.  Or perhaps it is a season to take off for all of us to practice what we've been shown spiritually, and to individually work on those possessions that possess us, to rid them out and then rid out the next and the next.

For me, am thankful to be finished with the six weeks of outer activities.  Have all collected for the idea venture, and am thankful to be in other than going to Mass.  But that is not for everyone, not others' place or position.  Some He wills to be out, or to be parents of little children, or to be students or spouses or types of consecrated religious, or to be children of all ages.

It is amazing, this venture and where Christ in the Present Moment has taken me and many of you, in the past several months, and what we have been given and shown!  Now we must live Him, live through Him, live with Him, live in Him!  Be perfected so that nothing up-ends us, nothing separates us from the love of God!

For, if we are still having upsets and issues, then we know our feet are not on the steps firmly, or maybe not at all.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit will be assurances if we are on the stairway to heaven, and then we will be given a mission, a venture, and we will learn how to descend and ascend, gathering souls without speaking as much as living in Christ in each moment.

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