Thursday, January 13, 2011

Simplicity and the Closet

After early Mass and confession, returned home to make another type of breakfast cake that is healthy, and with additions to make it healthy and also beautiful.  But by stereotypical perceptions of what is simplicity, the additions might misconstrue the simple, box-muffin-mix-mode into creative complex.  

Today there are many ponderings about what is simplicity, based upon what people seem to perceive is simplicity, or not simplicity.  Wrote about it spiritually, and in definition, on the other blog, as simplicity is one of the Nine S'. But now to consider how to live simplicity in every day life, amidst temporal stuff.

After the simply beautiful, healthy, inexpensive breakfast, began removing all the stuff from a closet, and have even more stuff to stuff back into it.  Have collected stuff that is hopefully useful for the idea venture being developed for eventual function, now in research and development phase.

Wonder if the closet is simple or not, or if it will appear simple once the stuff is stuffed back in but in organized manner, for easy use.  To organize a closet, there may be need for even more stuff in order to organize: shelving and containers; rubber bands or tape to secure loose ends so they will not unravel and make matters seem less simple but instead complex with lots of loose ends dangling and tangling. 

The living out of simplicity can come in such daily routines as baking and cleaning a closet.  Also am pondering a snowflake as something quite simple (most would agree), gazing at the steady snowfall now blessing Agnus Dei and surrounding landscape.  But examine a snowflake with a magnifying glass, for have done this simple act as a child, and discover the snowflake is actually quite complex.

Perhaps there is an aspect, or an integral element, to simplicity, a purity and order of motive (intent), purpose (reason and structure), and outflow (product and effect).  We may agree that all of nature is simple, as it is pure in these aspects or elements.  

Nature is also complex, but not disordered complexity. Rather, nature as we may comprehend it, is creatively and beautifully ordered in temporal time and space.  Mystical nature is also creatively and beautifully ordered, but beyond time and space. Divine love, in purposeful order, not disorder, is simple in pure motive, and simply complex in intricate, beautiful outflow yet not held in time nor confined by space.

One may comment upon a simple cross.  Upon closer examination it can be rather complex and intricate in substance and construction--and in spiritual aspects, as well.  Yet it is always beautiful.  Simplicity is always beautiful, is it not?

Beauty is in a simple snowflake, a simple snowflake unique and complex.  Beauty is in a simple closet, a simple closet filled beautifully with stuff of pure intent and purposeful outflow. Beauty is in a simple breakfast cake, enhanced with healthy surprises.  Beauty is in a simple crucifix--the cross and corpus made of any type of materials from wood to plaster to brass to plastic to resin.  Beauty is in a corpus, simply and complexly human and divine: Our Lord Jesus Christ.  

Jesus is beautiful on the beautiful cross!  He is simply beautiful, and His Passion, ordered and ordained, is simple in pure purpose and purely beautiful in outcome.  Yet it is intricate in detail and time and place, and complex in dogmatic, moral and mystical theology of all ages hence. 

Now back to simple closet organizing of pure stuff.  The intent is purely simple in purpose to put into order utilizable stuff that hopefully will be beautifully, lovingly useful in outcome.  An element of temporal time and space may be affixed to set limits, as time and space are ordered and orderly. How long to keep the stuff if not purely utilized (outflow) in motive and purpose? How to order and define stuff by how much fits into set space?

Holy simplicity, lived out both temporally and mystically, is an orderly purity of motive, purpose and outflow

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