Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pondering Yonder Star

Pondering a star idea after busy busy engaged in the outer.  How do people retain strength of the soul amidst noise, shoppers, rapid decisions, spending money, or working in stores?  That is a challenge for the inner and the outer.  Opportunities for second-guess motives abound.

Epiphany Sunday although Epiphany January 6 is on Thursday this year.  Am going to ponder yonder star idea and any other inner lights from now through Thursday.  In fact, will ponder the Light of the World always, from now to forever, light years of pondering.

Living more in Christ in the present moment, granted perhaps with lots of other stuff packed in with Christ in the present moment.  Hard to keep stuff out when out in the world of shoppers, workers, drivers, even worshipers.  But Christ did it, or else other stuff was crammed in all around Him, but He retained the inner and outer perfectly, in every present moment, even when driving out the money changers from the temple and while weeping over Jerusalem.

Holy Mary Mother of God Sunday morning Office of Readings quoted the Book of Hebrews.  It may be an answer, although pitting Scripture against yonder star ideas is risky for the creative self can be tricked and not see the light of God's will.  Verses from Hebrews 2 highlight an issue.

"'Surely He did not come to help angels, but rather the children of Abraham; therefore He had to become like his brothers in every way, that He might be a merciful and faithful high priest before God on their behalf, to expiate the sins of the people."

What is the issue?  Whether or not to venture forth with a venture that will place a child of Abraham more out in the world in some regards, becoming like his brothers (and sisters) in many ways, in order to hopefully draw them into the love of Christ.  It could be a dangerous mission  with plenty of temptations, and concerns of being stuck out there, challenged all the more to slip from His love, not live in Christ in the present moment--or at least not seem like living in Christ, in His love.

Another prong of this issue, based upon this Scripture, is outer appearance and deportment.  Am pondering people's perception of what constitutes a holy person, or one with a specified religious vocation such as religious order brothers or sisters, or consecrated virgins or hermits, or holy lay persons, or holy priests.  But probably wondering most about perceptions, and with these the ascribed traits and empowerment given depending upon the perceptions.

Am going to do a little research project on this, for one can be at a crossroads and not want to go against an inner vocation by wrong outer effects, as much as have been writing about the power and truth of the inner over the outer.  And, would it lead others astray in a wrong way, or minimize a mission, if one is perceived as a worldling and not the stereotpyical religious type, whatever that is in person's perceptions.

As for this blog, have lived very much each moment the last six weeks, since the summons from the hospital to today's yonder star (idea) gazing and pondering.  But have not written or documented much of that living.  Have lived and tried, hoped to be, in Christ and in His love in the present moments.  

Yet some actions certainly seem to stretch the boundaries of the Nine S', or pushed a bit at the seamless garment of some Scriptures, again if pitted one against the other.  Such as the goodness of beauty, but not lusting after the beautiful things of the passing world, and then considering charity or hopes of charity with some of the beauty.  

Counter it all with joy, and there are many star points to ponder in as much honesty as a human can muster, in faith, in faith that one is remaining in His love and in His will, in His truth.

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  1. Just read " L'abandon à la Providence divine " autrefoi attribué à Jean-Pierre de Caussade

    Yes ... this blog is in a good tradition :-)


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