Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lumbering Along

Very tired from various sorts of pain.  Inexplicable and absurd things happening (not just my own assessment), so know God is wanting my soul going in a more mystical direction than the pro-active temporal I was attempting.

Lots of time in prayer and quiet, and other than Mass, laying low waiting for answers and insights, finishing up the dissertation I'm reading on Bl. Angela of Foligno.  The chapter on darkness before union with and on-going peace in Christ is helpful.

Open to anything God may will, including relocating, although that would be quite the physical chore.  But we must always remain open, especially when doors are closing in some aspects.  Remain spiritually open to the Lord's will always.

Am very pleased and impressed with a couple of videos watched online of children who have written best-sellers regarding their near-death experiences and of heaven.  Jives with the death experience I had several years ago, and it reminds me that the spiritual realm is the focal point of love and eternity and true life.  Another aspect of the children's experiences (written by their dads) is that they were each Protestants, and they faced absolutely no persecution and scrutiny from within their Christian fold.  Catholics who have such experiences are brow-beaten and more.  Why?  I wonder if this is why God has been allowing Protestants such beautiful experiences? He knows they will write books that will encourage millions as they become best sellers on the NYTimes best-seller book list!

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