Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This soul's experience on the stairway to heaven is, as mentioned in earlier post, by necessity going to be rather personal from this point.  I do not having other persons experiences to write about, and this is new "place" for me.  So I share this, which is a turning point of understanding and of how I am to proceed.  Today also brought a call from a long-time professional contact, who helped work through some options and to say that now it is time to be as one is, to share gifts with others who desire to receive, and to be open to where God leads, in whatever venues accessible.

After two nights of devil dreams, last night was a beautiful one of a person who goes to Mass and who the Virgin Mary is pleased with!  (Not me, of course!)  

Walking through their midst will work well, for it is but one person (and those supposed others who are comfortable sharing their opinions with him) who has trouble finding a mystical state credible and cannot relate.  My work is to keep sending out to the one person and supposed others, much love, peace, joy during Mass and to lovingly walk through the midst of any of them who cannot relate. 

I will walk through any midst with the invisible, mystical LOVE of Christ.  Jesus walked through their midst, of the ones who rejected Him, yet He loved to His death and beyond.  [I am created to LOVE, not reject, as rejection is hate.  This is a powerful experience for me, again, to ponder.  One must walk through their midst in His LOVE, and that LOVE is what the man and the supposed others do not evidently understand, find credible, or can relate with.]

It was a joy to tell the beautiful soul this morning of the dream and to explain how the Virgin Mary is so pleased with her soul!  And to send love, healing, peace and joy from within the beautiful, peaceful, loving ecstasy to everyone, even the ones who reject and are not able to fully love [probably more than just me] anyone who they do not find credible or cannot relate.

The answer is in the last lines of the Nazareth Temple poem, and that is to remain in the mystical love of Christ when going in and out of the Nazareth Temple, and to be crucified in Him while there, during Mass, in the actualization of mystical love that flows out from the state to everyone regardless if they are willing and open to receive and not reject: love--even through a vehicle such as myself.

        Remain in His Mystical LOVE which conquers souls 
                 (and strengthens this soul) in unseen ways.

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