Friday, March 25, 2011

Through the...

During the night I knew what to pray, and I began in earnest.  I am praying for God to get me through the mystic portal.  That is all.  That is what is needed here.  I know He has closed even the tiniest of mouse doors of the temporal Catholic world, and all that remain is the mystic portal of the mystical Catholic world.

Getting ready to go to Mass on this Feast of the Annunciation.  Later will go to confession for my upset which is probably my own fault at not staying clear of the temporal Catholic world snares and the people who get fussy over a simple desire to donate a dozen muffins.  That is a very small mouse hole issue, and  will be the finale to muffins.

My spiritual director says God wants other of me than muffins, however humble they may be.

I must write, and at least it seems the Lord has cleared off the wee mousies who seemed fixated on scrutinizing what I write.  Perhaps they felt they were protecting the Church, and that is a noble motive.  But if they want to nibble, I suppose they may.  Once through the mystic portal, nothing will obscure the spiritual realities yet while one exists physically in the temporal, with temporal emotions and intellect.  All will be governed by the mystical love of Christ, His infinite soul.

Love will wash back through to this other side, and the waves will recede with them those who want to be there, out into the world, temporal, Catholic or otherwise.  But through the mystic portal is where love abounds and emanates, and that is where I need to be and all should desire.  This other is tormented foolishness.  Fly from its blurred entrapment.

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